Tang Xiaoqian knows that Guo Xiaosi’s cultivation is a spiritual cultivation method now, and he has stepped into the realm of God-man, so he is not familiar with the spiritual power. In other words, Guo Xiaosi also hopes that he can play well to practice and say that he has mastered the spiritual power faster. For Guo Xiaosi, it may be embarrassing for Guo Xiaosi to cultivate immortals or achieve the top level of spiritual cultivation, but in the period of physical and mental silence, Huang Yi is the method to shake Guo Xiaosi.

And arch eyebrows believe that Guo Xiaosi will win. It’s all just consciousness. Everyone wants his own heart to win. Anyway, his face is double.
Chapter five hundred and eleven Chatting in the Woods
Chapter five hundred and eleven Chatting in the Woods
Come and see Huang Yan fly to Guo Xiaosi. Even if you applaud your kung fu, you can’t see the slow spirit. Quickly fill your fists and gently meet Huang Yan’s fists.
Seeing Guo Xiaosi’s fist hitting Huang Yan’s eyes, it will be interesting to see what Guo Xiaosi’s strength has reached, and the best way to see it is to fight hard so that you can know something.
When Huang Yan’s fist touched Guo Xiaosi’s fist, Huang Yan immediately said that the two fists were not good enough to arouse strong waves. At the same time, a dull collision broke out, which made Huang Yan horrified. When his fist met Guo Xiaosi’s fist, he suddenly felt that Guo Xiaosi’s fist strength actually directly regarded his fist spirit force as a direct breakthrough and covered it in his fist spirit force to get into his body.
Brother Huang, work harder. Guo Xiaosi didn’t expect that the psychic force of his own god would break through so easily. The psychic force of Huang Yan’s fist directly entered the shock of Huang Yan’s body. Guo Xiaosi quickly drew the psychic force from Huang Yan’s body. Don’t let me underestimate it.
It’s good to see that the physical strength suddenly disappears. Huang Xi is also white. It’s Guo Xiaosi who turned it back and made it strong. The fighting spirit has been white. Guo Xiaosi is stronger than himself, but how high and how strong Huang Xi wants to verify that when he drinks, he will watch the sword.
But I saw a light flash across Huang Yan’s hand, and now I have a flying sword. When Huang Yan got the flying sword, he immediately stabbed Guo Xiaosi and took up a wheezing attack, which was very huge.
Guo Xiaosi was greatly interested when he saw that Huang Xi’s flying sword had already produced a flame. His hands kept flashing and his body kept turning, which directly surrounded Huang Xi’s attack on Guo Xiaosi. Judging from the impact just now, Huang Xi’s physical and spiritual strength was not enough to look at his own hands in front of his own spiritual strength. If he was careless, he might have hurt Huang Xi.
And Huang Yan saw that he had finally attacked Guo Xiaosi, and then Guo Xiaosi dared to fight against his flying sword. It was really profound and terrible for Guo Xiaosi to repair the realm, but the more this aroused Huang Yan’s fighting spirit, the more the flying sword in his hand accompanied by the operation of the body spirit force had become completely red.
Well, well, well, with Huang Yan’s attack on Guo Xiaosi, even Guo Xiaosi was called Sanhao, but he was sincerely applauded because Huang Yan had caused some difficulties in his actions through such an attack. At present, his hands dare not smash Huang Yan’s flying sword again because the other party can penetrate his hands and cover the spiritual power.
According to Guo Xiaosi’s idea, Huang Xi has reached its peak at present, which is equivalent to the initial stage of the ghost realm. According to the usual strength, Huang Xi is also the top realm of the silent period. In other words, the ghost realm may cause him some harm, which is to say, it can resist his current spiritual realm.
Don’t fight, don’t fight, Guo Dage, you stop, I don’t fight. Just then, Huang Yan stopped his hand and waved at Guo Xiaosi one after another. My root is not your opponent. Your tut tut is too much. Take the opportunity to rest for a while. Huang Yan quickly recovered some spiritual power and continued, I forced myself to reach the realm of ghost by blinking my body, but it was not your opponent who couldn’t fight.
Haha, Guo Xiaosi laughed and came to say goodbye to Huang Xi, so that you can do this. It’s much better than me. You know, when I first arrived in the spiritual world, I didn’t want you. It’s not a chance. I can reach the current state. Guo Xiaosi doesn’t want Huang Xi to be hit by himself, otherwise he really regrets Huang Xi’s competition.
Hey, Brother Guo, I don’t know how you practice so much. While Huang Yan is recovering her spiritual strength, Naiga looks at Guo Xiaosi curiously. You reveal to me what realm you are cultivating at present.
Well, at present, the cultivation realm is quite a ghost top realm. Guo Xiaosi doesn’t know how to convert this realm. It has already entered the realm of God. The difference is empirical. If it is really compared, the foundation can surpass the yuan baby period, but Guo Xiaosi is not very familiar with the spiritual power and is still in the groping state, but it is equivalent to the current ghost realm.
I don’t think you’re better than hearing Guo Xiaosi’s words. Huang Yan directly waved his hand and said that it’s so much worse.
Liu Mei also looked at Guo Xiaosi in surprise. She didn’t expect Guo Xiaosi to fix this terrible thing and even reach the top level. This made Liu Mei very shocked, and then Liu Mei’s eyes were dim. According to this cultivation speed, Guo Dage will soon soar to the celestial world, so I won’t see Guo Dage again.
A woman’s heart is exquisite.
See arch eyebrows sad appearance Tang Xiaoqian white arch eyebrows thinking what when smiling at arch eyebrows sad said you can rest assured that you Guo Dage will never soar to the celestial world so soon, you Guo Dage don’t have a chance, at present, you can’t measure it according to the spiritual world cultivation level, then you will leave here together Tang Xiaoqian, but make up your mind to let arch eyebrows practice the spiritual cultivation method when the right time comes.
Hearing Tang Xiaoqian’s words, a flash of light flashed in Liu Mei’s eyes, and she was surprised to see that Tang Xiaoqian’s way was true. Liu Mei’s happiest thing was to be able to stay with Guo Xiaosi more, and Liu Mei was not an idiot. She also heard from Tang Xiaoqian’s words that Guo Xiaosi was leaving, and she was able to stay with Guo Xiaosi forever.
While Liu Mei and Tang Xiaoqian were whispering, Huang Lin and Guo Xiaosi were already talking. It was a long talk between them.
Knowing that Guo Xiaosi arch eyebrows and Tang Xiaoqian were looking for a friend in this forest, Huang Lin decided that Guo Xiaosi had no acquaintance in the spiritual world together. Guo Xiaosi was able to talk about what the total benefits were from practicing experience with each other in the first day.
In a blink of an eye, Guo Xiaosi met two acquaintances here, and his heart was also very happy. The four of them were also happy together. Later, according to the narrative of Huang Yan and Liu Mei, it was white that they walked in the lonely forest. This is why they are now in the western part of the spiritual world.
Some time ago, I saw the immortal. Gee, it’s amazing. Walking on the road, Huang Yan faced Guo Xiaosi. They said that they had seen and heard in the spiritual world, and they immediately thought that they couldn’t help but look forward to seeing the immortal.
Oh, where did the fairy meet Guo Xiaosi? Now I don’t think much of the fairy. It’s mainly the virtual fairy. On the other hand, Guo Xiaosi was also very impressed that when he got the virtual fairy baby, he always admitted that he should belong to the virtual fairy. But I didn’t expect that everything would turn out to be a virtual fairy, and it was ridiculous to be forced to get the opposite by the virtual fairy.
To say that forcing is also to kill the immortal who has not sent the true fairy to get the tactic of cultivating the gods, Guo Xiaosi dialect will not show these troubles, but what in the world says that this is just life
At that time, I went to the south after crossing the silence forest, and I saw an immortal chasing several immortals. I waved my hand and took their heads to directly destroy the Yuan God. Gee, but it was terrible and important. Huang Yan said that the situation at that time could not help but admire the immortal means and secretly wondered when he should reach such a state.
Who was killed? Guo Xiaosi frowned and said, "Who did the immortal kill but also killed so many people? Is it some conspiracy that failed? When it comes to the immortal Guo Xiaosi, it is not always scary. In fact, Guo Xiaosi behaves very often. After all, he is now the immortal who wants to eradicate the goal."
I don’t know who it is, Huang Xi silently said, but the slain cultivate immortality was dressed very domineering and also very unified. Then Huang Xi told Guo Xiaosi about the characteristics of the slain cultivate immortality, which made Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian frown.
Through Huang Xi’s description of these immortals, Guo Xiaosi Tang Xiaoqian has been able to confirm that Huang Xi said that being killed to cultivate immortals is a disciple of Gan Kun, but why did the immortal kill these disciples of Gan Kun? How did Gan Kun provoke the immortal?
Small four maybe just didn’t send people to see Guo Xiaosi confused eyes Tang Xiaoqian awake Guo Xiaosi.
Smell speech Guo Xiaosi nodded and wanted to come, that is, it will cause the fairy hands. After all, the celestial power is not allowed to be challenged, even if the demon door celestial hands arrive, they will kill them.
Brother Guo, do you know why Huang Yan came to the spiritual world? At the beginning, Guo Xiaosi was a man who didn’t know anything, and Xin Nen didn’t know much about many things, let alone the division of power.
On the contrary, Guo Xiaosi, who was idle, talked about the spiritual world to Huang Lin and Liu Mei, making Huang Lin constantly shout that the adventure was incredible and so on, but Liu Mei was not as exaggerated as Huang Lin, whose expression was changing her eyes and selling her emotional activities.
Chapter five hundred and twelve See God again
Chapter five hundred and twelve See God again
Immediately, Guo Xiaosi also talked about the upcoming struggle in the celestial world. When Huang Xi heard these things, he was excited and kept asking us how many people in the spiritual world were going to join the fight.
Guo Xiaosi said with a smile, it’s hard to say. People who always want to order cakes will fight. Then Guo Xiaosi simply described the situation of the celestial world. Huang Xi kept begging Guo Xiaosi to take him into the demon gate
Through Guo Xiaosi’s description of Huang Xi, it seems that Guo Xiaosi is very powerful at the demon gate, whether in the spiritual world or even in the celestial world. By the demon gate, it seems that he walked sideways in the spiritual world
Suddenly, Guo Xiaosi’s face changed and he shouted, "What kind of friends are sneaking around?"
Guo Xiaosi suddenly realized that he was not alert to the surrounding environment when he was in Huang Xi, and then he was alert and flexible, so that he could master the scene in a hundred miles of Fiona Fang. It was because of Guo Xiaosi’s vigilance that Guo Xiaosi suddenly found that people surrounded them and couldn’t help but get angry and get up to see which way the fairy was in the way.
When preparing for the battle, Guo Xiaosi is also prepared to escape. If the fairy is lurking here, he has no chance of winning, so he may hide first.