Fire Phoenix wait for a while looked at Sunday’s distant back for a long time before slowly sighing, "Meeting you is also a blessing for me in hundreds of thousands." Looking up at the mysterious Yu Pei in the sky, he finally smiled and said simply, "You didn’t choose the wrong person. He really inherited your avenue." With that, his huge head fell asleep on the ground.

On Sunday, after returning to the real world, I saw a few people. wait for a while looked at him with a smile. "I just thought about something before I fell into meditation. What are you going to do?"
Lan Xin said, "We are already ready and waiting for your order."
Sunday nodded and said, "Next, we will fight a special war. Everyone should be prepared in their hearts. This war is not others but themselves."
"Yourself" Lan Xin asked incredulously, "What are you fighting for on Sunday?"
Zhou Tiandao: "It’s very simple that the six of us are all sealed with the ancient god beast Yuan Shen. Now I want to inspire everyone’s strength of the god beast Yuan Shen. You will practice and integrate to gain greater strength. Of course, the process will be more painful and dangerous. I hope everyone can be mentally prepared."
Lin Shaoyue said, "Rest assured on Sunday that we will not lose to ourselves."
"We won’t lose to ourselves," several others immediately echoed.
Chapter five hundred and forty-seven Three heavy days
Girls’ literature
In fact, in everyone’s mind, it’s very daytime, and it’s fierce to plan this fix-up war. It’s difficult to resist this fix-up war by relying on one side’s fix-up forces alone. Therefore, the fix-up forces will automatically unite in a few days to jointly deal with the day and organize this conspiracy, and in everyone’s mind, they can have the ability and prestige to take on the second suitable candidate for the fix-up alliance leader except Sunday.
And Sunday’s strong will is more than others’ method. Sunday has experienced bumps and tribulations along the way, facing challenges and opponents that ordinary people dare not even think about and touch, but Sunday still relies on his strong willpower step by step. If the willpower is slightly weak in the middle, it will be a devastating blow.
On Sunday, I saw a few people. When I saw them, their eyes were full of fighting spirit. Ha ha a smile. "If everyone has fighting spirit, our chances of winning will increase a lot. Now I’m going to lead you to the chaotic cave of the human world, the celestial world and the celestial world in the ancient times for our round of cultivation."
Say that finish consciousness once again entered the world of gods, transported divine power to control the Yu Pei above the world of gods, slowly released and suspended in the sky, and the whole day ushered in a burst of breeze, which was more pure and acceptable than the gas in heaven and earth.
In a cave in the distance, the girl’s literature was updated for the first time. The man with the eye in the sky was sitting in the cave and meditating. The world of knowledge suddenly felt a great sense of oppression. "Ah" A man woke up with two bitter eyes and looked at the distance coldly and roared, "I didn’t think that you still wouldn’t let me go, so I will destroy the world. I will let you be reborn forever. Hahahaha, I am the god of this world."
On Sunday, Yu Pei was released. Everyone absorbed the breath in Yu Pei and felt the breath in his body. After being activated, his blood was boiling. I can’t tell you how popular it was. A little Yu Pei would be so magical.
On Sunday, he said to the four great beasts, "Occupy the four directions of east, west, north and south, and we will guard against the attack of chaotic gas in the thirty-three heavy days. I can crystallize this Yu Pei cloth so that everyone will be afraid of chaotic gas."
The four great beasts said, "obey the master’s decree."
Zhou Tiandao "OK, let’s go" Yu Pei suspended above his head, and the four great beasts occupied the four directions of east, west, north and south to form a powerful crystallization, and a group of people flew directly into the sky.
The so-called thirty-three heavy days are six days of desire * * ten days of sky, four days of sky, four days of Brahma and three clear days.
Every day has its destiny, and the first update of the Feminist Literature is a prehistoric case-fixing war after the prosperity of ancient times. All the six great sages in the ancient times participated in this fixing war, the most famous of which is the Twelve Ancestral Witches Heaven War, which can be said to be the most tragic and earth-shattering war in the history of heaven and earth.
Since then, in ancient times, the book of repairing truth has declined, and the war between the twelve ancestors and the celestial world has completely caused the first big explosion of the universe, and the whole order of the three realms has been destroyed. If it were not for the best six saints’ joint efforts to resist the collapse of the whole world, I am afraid that the human world would suffer complete destruction.
On Sunday, a group of people led by Fu Yajing and others can’t resist the attack of chaotic gas unless it is arranged for crystallization on Sunday.
Among many gases, the true qi, the mysterious qi, the primordial qi and the chaotic gas, of which the chaotic gas is the highest peak, can be said that the hegemony and power of the chaotic gas are the fusion of other major gases, and it is not as powerful and sharp as the bully gas. How can it resist the main chaotic gas with the help of Fu Yajing and others?
Yu Pei girls’ literature on Sunday is updated for the first time. Once it leaves the hate queen, Yu Pei’s cave vigorously absorbs chaotic gas, which makes the gas released by Yu Pei more moist and makes everyone bored. Even Sunday is not white. That piece of Yu Pei will become so excited and will change so much when it leaves the hate queen on the 33rd day.
When I think about whether I can come or not, the main purpose is to find the chaotic cave and force out the power of their god beast Yuan God as soon as possible. According to the method taught by Fire Phoenix, I will use the "Pupil of the Eye" on Sunday to see the situation of Fiona Fang thousands of miles through layers of gas.
There is a huge hole in the intersection of the human world, the celestial world and the celestial world. The state of the hole is different outside, that is, the hole presents a real state, and the chaotic gas roots outside can’t enter the hole for a long time, forming a real state.
On Sunday, "the pupil of the eye of God" explored the past. When I arrived at the mouth of the cave, there was a direct refraction method to enter the mouth of the cave to explore what had become white in my heart. The mouth of the cave was chaotic, and the entrance to the cave led a line of people to show themselves tightly and slowly approached the mouth of the cave. Everyone felt a little scared and dared not step forward.
On Sunday, for the sake of safety, girls’ literature renewed their consciousness for the first time and entered the world of gods to find the fire phoenix and asked softly, "Is this a chaotic cave?"
Fire Phoenix grumpily gave Sunday a white look and grunted, "You have a lot of holes in the thirty-third day. There is such a hole in the thirty-third day from the hate day. This is where the human world, the celestial world and the divine world meet."
"Then why isn’t there a little light?" Sunday looked at the dark hole in the real world through the world of gods and gave a wry smile. "Even the chaotic gas can enter my’ eye pupil technique’. As soon as it touches this hole, it will change its direction and the root will not enter. It seems that it must be hidden in the hole."
"Then you are wrong," Fire Phoenix said flatly. "It can be said that the Chaos Cave is the source of all gases in heaven and earth. It is called Zhenyuan Cave in the human world, Xuantian Cave in the celestial world and Chaos Cave in the celestial world. If you can do it without crystallization to protect it, you will be able to release our Yuanshen and you will be accomplished."
On Sunday, when I heard the fire phoenix say this, I doubted other things in my heart. "Well, let’s break into this chaotic cave." I returned to the real world with a thin consciousness and looked at the people and said slowly, "Now we are going to go inside. I honestly tell you that no one will know that we have gone in, but we can’t come back alive. But since we have come here, there is no turning back, and we are afraid that we will go."
Lan Xin smiled slightly. "On Sunday, I always believed that I wouldn’t be afraid if you were here."
Fu Yajing also said not to be outdone, "You can take us back to the modern world from the mainland of Xiuzhen in such a dangerous situation. We believe in you and you will definitely take us back safely."
Sunday gave a wry smile, and these two women were very impressed. I believe that he can worship him and accept it. But now no one can master the situation, and they don’t know what will happen in one second. The universe is not as simple as you are in that piece of mainland China. Even if you make a slight mistake, you may not be able to reverse it.
But I don’t want to get cold when I hear two women’s words on Sunday. "I want everyone to believe that I am here on Sunday, and I will never let anything hurt everyone’s safety." Say that finish, I rushed to the four great beasts with a wink and flew to the dark hole at the same time.
When a group of people just flew into the mouth of the cave, their eyes turned black as if they were going deep into a dark world. Just when everyone couldn’t see the scenery in front, Yu Pei on Sunday’s head suddenly gave off milky light to illuminate the scenery in Fiona Fang.
They were surprised to see that Yu Pei was not white and Yu Pei was shining so strongly in this hole on Sunday. To know this hole, even Sunday’s "eye pupil technique" can’t resist other magic weapons, but it is even more amazing to play a magic role in this hole. It seems that the magic weapon of heaven and earth will lose its original position as soon as it enters this hole.
On Sunday, I saw everyone’s surprised eyes and gave a wry smile. "You don’t look at me like that, and I don’t know what’s going on. I’m as surprised and puzzled as you are."
A group of people heard Sunday say so and knew that he was not a liar, but also believed him.
With the light of Yu Pei, the people’s speed has accelerated a lot, and their eyes can see the scenery around the annex. It is strange that the material of the hole is very unique, and those strange walls seem to be engraved with some strange symbols and graphics.
Everyone wants to see what happened, but people are not close to the body, and they are directly bounced back by a shock, which makes Sunday Shirley drink a way and tell them not to act without authorization.
At the same time, Zhou Tianxin also felt puzzled that others could not see the wall graphics clearly, but he could see it clearly. Maybe this is his "pupil of the eye" so that he can see what others can’t see.
Chapter five hundred and forty Power of good and evil
Girls’ literature
On Sunday, I carefully looked at the symbols engraved on the wall of Chaos Cave, and suddenly my heart was shocked. The symbols engraved on the wall were all some words and phrases from the battle of fixing the truth in ancient times. After careful reading, it seems that many wars were fought around the twelve ancestors and the celestial world. Does it mean that all the sources of events came from the wars between the twelve ancestors and the celestial world? On Sunday, I felt a faint voice calling, but I didn’t listen carefully or think about it at all. I managed to control the crystal and walked towards the depths of the cave.
A group of people soon arrived at the center of Chaos Cave. As soon as everyone came here, their spirit was shocked. It seems that they can still absorb and gasify their acceptable gas here. As soon as they entered here, everyone gasped as if they had been understood.
Zhou Tianshen knew the fire phoenix in the world and felt the familiar smell here. He raised his huge head and opened his fiery eyes and sighed, "How many years have passed and I finally returned to my former residence. I am so familiar with the smell. This is the place where I practiced and lived, but things have changed. My former partners and friends have disappeared." Speaking of the emotional place, the fiery eyes slowly dropped a few tears.
On Sunday, according to the fire phoenix point and the Jiugong Gua map, the core of Yu Pei’s energy array law put Fu Yajing, Wang Xing and other people with god beasts and gods in their bodies into the array law, ready to stimulate the power of god beasts and gods in these people’s bodies, and they are integrated to maximize their potential.
Finished these Sunday, I said to the four great beasts, Bai Ze, Kui, Kun and Yan, "After a while, the six of us will enter the array, absorb the essence of heaven and earth here according to the principle of array operation, and completely explode the power of Yuan God in our bodies. I hope that the four great beasts can help us protect the law. Once there are unfavorable situations, you four great beasts must do their best to stop us."
Bai Ze, Kui, Yao and Yu all said "obey the master’s decree".
On Sunday, when I heard the words of Bai Ze, Kui, Kun and Yan, I nodded to Guan Feng and said, "Feng Feng, you can’t wander around here. You are not allowed to try to be brave if you are in danger."
Guan Feng knew that Sunday was worrying about him and smiled. "Brother Sunday, don’t worry that I won’t mess around. Don’t worry about my peace of mind to do your thing."
On Sunday, I nodded my head and felt a little uneasy. After all, the power of sealing the six god beasts in their bodies is no small matter. An oversight is likely to lead to a huge disaster. Every detail must be carefully thought out and decided to release the ten tail God Fox, the Fire Kirin and the Vulpix Fox to help the four god beasts, Bai Ze, Kun and Yan, to cope with emergencies.
Ten tail Shenhu, Huoqilin and Vulpix Fox all flew out of Sunday’s body and knelt on the ground and respectfully said, "What can I do for you, master?"
On Sunday, he said seriously, "ten tail Shenhu, Huoqilin Vulpix Fox, you three listen. I want you three to cooperate with the four great beasts, Bai Ze, Kui, Yu and Li, to prevent emergencies. You three departments obey the orders of the four great beasts. Once an emergency happens, you should order you three to kill six of us."
Ten tail Shenhu, they know the meaning of saying this on Sunday, that is, to deliver all people’s lives to the four great beasts, Bai Ze, Tang, Yu and Li. If these four great beasts have a slight misconduct against Sunday and his party, then Sunday and others will be wiped out.
On Sunday, when I saw ten tail Shenhu, Huoqilin and Vulpix Fox, I knew what they were worried about. Their faces sank and they said, "Why don’t I speak badly and make you dare to disobey my orders?"
Ten tail Shenhu, Huoqilin and Vulpix Fox quickly said, "The master told us to carry it out naturally."
Sunday lightly nodded and said, "Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. It won’t be long before a new girl’s literature will be in front of you." The voice fell directly into the law.
On Sunday, I circled and sat in the six people, and their respective consciousness went into their own world of gods. On Sunday, when I entered the world of gods, I saw the fire phoenix carrying a huge head. wait for a while looked at the world of gods in a daze and smiled slightly. "What are you looking at?"
The fire phoenix came to her senses and saw Sunday enter her own god knowledge and said simply, "You came in, so let’s do it."
On Sunday, when I saw the fire phoenix look different, I couldn’t help asking, "What’s wrong with the fire phoenix? What do you think of the first update of girls’ literature? You look different and full of worries."
The fire phoenix said slowly, "I said, is your little curiosity very heavy? Do you still have time to understand these things now? If I combine my strength earlier, you will have enough ability to stop the conspiracy of the Eye of Heaven. Otherwise, the longer it takes, the Eye of Heaven will find out your whereabouts and will try its best to stop you."