It looked down at Tam in disbelief.

Tam smiled in the face of the half-striped centipede.
"Tam fireball!"
Tam opened his mouth, and a ball of fire was instantly ejected from Tam’s mouth.
The fireball hits the body of the centipede with blue stripes and directly burns the centipede with blue stripes.
After landing, the centipede was angered by the burning pain of the flame.
See green striped centipede body began to emit khaki light.
Rock armor!
This is the basic skill of the fierce beast with soil property, which can form a layer of rock skin on the body surface to achieve similar armor protection effect
However, although rock armor has brought good defense.
But the heavy armor also reduces the speed of the centipede.
After landing, the flame of the centipede was quickly extinguished because of the protection of rock armor.
However, although the flame went out, the damage caused by the flame did not disappear
At this time, the green-striped centipede exudes a strong burning smell
Obviously, this fireball technique has caused it a lot of damage.
"Tam, don’t give it a break."
Tam smell speech instantaneous initiative toward the green centipede.
And the centipede with blue stripes, protected by rock armor, is not to be outdone and rushes head-on to Tam.
The blue texture on the body surface of the centipede with blue stripes began to glow faintly.
These blue lines, like patterns, actually represent the venom of centipede with blue stripes.
Once these lines light up, it is said that the green centipede is serious.
Otherwise, when Tam approached a certain distance, the centipede suddenly stood upright.
Poof …
A lot of green venom is ejected by it.
Tam reacted quickly in the face of venom.
Seeing that Tam showed that his size shouldn’t have speed, a dexterous roll evaded the attack of the green centipede and came to his front.
At this moment, the centipede is keeping spraying venom.
Obviously, it didn’t expect Tam to be so decisive to avoid the venom and decide to get close to himself.
Even Liu Yuan is satisfied with Tam’s decisiveness.
It is also this scene that makes Lu Yuan suddenly recall the hidden attributes of the character template.
You should know whether it is Jiraiya’s character template or Kprusoian’s template for adding objects has not been found for the time being.
One of the characteristics of these templates is that they are all people with great fighting talent.
Yes, it is a fighting talent.
Don’t underestimate this point. People with the same strength and the same means who have combat talent and those who don’t have combat talent may show very different situations.
The former can exert 100% to 200% combat effectiveness.
The latter may not even play 10%.
Although this feature is not marked in the template, it is actually a very important special attribute.
Tam, who rushed to the body of the centipede, showed unprecedented calm.
It looked at the centipede with blue stripes on its head and suddenly smiled.
It is this smile that makes the green centipede suddenly feel strongly uneasy.
But by this time, it has come and not escaped.
"Tam’s tongue fencing!"
Tam opened his mouth and his tongue flew out like a sword.
Scarlet tongue erupts with amazing speed and penetration.
The bronze one-star blue-striped centipede now completely eludes Tam’s tongue sword and directly runs through the blue-striped centipede’s head.
Let the blue centipede brain suddenly appear a big hole.
Tam took back his tongue, first he smacked his mouth, then suddenly he spit it out.
"Bah bah …"
It’s terrible!
The thought of the strange smell in his mouth made Tam look at the corpse in front of him and he couldn’t help but dislike it.
Actually, for ordinary pet animals, the flesh and blood taste of centipede with green stripes is not bad.
However, it is almost impossible for pets to get in touch with food because there are two food tams, Lu Yuan and Su Meng.
Generally speaking, Tam’s mouth was raised by Liu Yuan and others.
One side Liu Yuan looked at the sniper tongue sword and solved the blue centipede Tam secretly nodded in his heart.
Tam’s performance in this battle was perfect.
Believe in your own orders, have a clear judgment on the situation, be decisive and not afraid of the enemy, and know how to seize opportunities.
These are all the advantages that Lu Yuantam saw.
It can be said that Tam already has all the qualities that a strong man should have.
In lust this shortcoming … Forget it.
Liu Yuan walked beside Tam, touched his head and said with a smile, "Well done."
Tam dumped his bangs with pride.