Assemble and refine a pair of knee boots and travel in front of several people.

"Is this Xuanjia? It’s fun …" Zhao-yang Xia exclaimed curiously.
"Why? Sister also wants to do the whole thing? " Baiyun Lou asked with a smile
"No, no, no, it’s enough for school sister to have fairy clothes …" Zhao-yang Xia quickly waved his hand and then muttered, "It’s better to have fairy clothes …"
Re-refining the rune of Xuanjia boots, Baiyun Tower casually threw this pair of boots to Xiao Pang.
Xiao pang cheerfully took it and immediately read the platform.
The two armor boots immediately melted several armor pieces and then melted the boots again to wrap chubby’s legs.
Looking at the calf with black boots, Xiao Pang was very satisfied. He moved the boots and Xiao Pang whizzed out of the cloud.
Smoke enchantment was instantly received by the white big head, and the head-on strong breeze beat Xiao Pang, some of whom were dizzy, and so on, and quickly stabilized their posture to protect the whole body.
I didn’t expect to change from the sole plate to the boots. This rising circle has been enhanced so much. Although the flying posture was somewhat indecent just now, the powerful pushing force made Xiao Pang very happy.
At that time, Xiao Pang looked forward to this Xuanjia garment more and more, and then stumbled and the platform boots barely fled back to the jade cloud.
Baiyun Tower has broadened the exhibition of smoke clouds to dozens of feet. The enchantment of smoke clouds is covered again and said to Xiao Pang, "The enchantment of flying is big enough. You can try it at will without worrying about rushing out of the clouds again."
Say "platform smoke Yunfei dun at the same time take out several pieces of armor to continue pure Yang Jian Gang temper.
Xiao pang will be busy when he gets here. Get used to the boots as soon as possible. There is almost no moment to stop. The smoke barrier is on the rampage. If there is no basaltic protection, it will probably have fallen apart.
Go back to Qingyun Gate Baiyun Building, put Xiao Pang and Luo Li on Wuzhifeng, and then toss and take Xia Shimei back to Lingzhufeng Xiaozhulou.
There are still many things to be done besides helping to temper the leader of Xuanjiabai. In another two nights, I will take my brothers out for experience. Although there is a small mirror, I have to ask a thing or two.
When I returned to the small bamboo house, I saw the little mirror waiting in the middle of the building. Even the green ants rushed back from the White House to Qingyun Gate to feed the little ant demon.
Inquired about the small mirror, arranged the progress, and the Baiyun Building was at ease. I told the small mirror at will and let it go to work.
"Little sister, is it okay to go home this time?" Baiyun Lou asked the green ant
"Very good, Niang. She just dozed off recently. It’s a good mood and appetite …" The green ant answered cleverly.
Zhao-yang xia smell speech hey hey smiled and said, "Niang also dozed off. This is a companion …"
Provoked Baiyun Tower to be funny and gently squeezed the younger sister’s face.
"Dad is now an adult in Luoshui County who is very proud. Brother Yi Cheng is a big official, isn’t he?" Green ant asked curiously.
"It’s not too small … what did Aunt say about this trip?" Baiyun Tower randomly changed its subject.
"Niang let the green ants go with her, so did Dad. Let’s learn together, or the green ants won’t go. It will take half a month." Some green ants are not at ease with their mother.
During these days, the green ant didn’t learn any magical powers except practicing swordsmanship once every three days.
It’s enough for green ants to learn the techniques of Qingyun Gate. In addition, some magical skills are derived by the white leader through the demon refining program, which is very suitable for green ants to practice.
Every time I finish the course in the hospital, I will take the Chaoyang Chamber of Commerce to fly back to Luoshui County to take care of Auntie.
Nowadays, it is really convenient for the flying boat to rush back in less than half an hour after several improvements.
The green ant’s mind is blocked by the Baiyun Tower, and it is estimated that Niang’s mouth is chanting, but her heart is very gratified.
It’s been more than two months for green ants to go back and forth by flying boat. Although there are some ups and downs, the practice has not fallen.
After all, the number of cultivation paths in Biyun Valley is mostly based on the qualification and cultivation of demon pets, and the monk’s cultivation will rise faster, and a rising tide lifts all boats.
Qingyunmen Lingbao Xiancai has everything, and its own younger sister, the demon, and the white leader will certainly take more care of Dan Yao Baocai, which has long been filled with green ants and treasures.
Elder martial sister Qingchi has made breakthroughs according to the small ant demon cultivation. Now it has reached the early stage of the demon Dan territory, and together with the green ant cultivation, a rising tide lifts all boats and smoothly breaks into the foundation period.
A moment later, I thoughtfully took out a poem from Baiyun Tower and said, "I’m going to Haoran Sect this time, that is, where this poem came from. Isn’t my little sister fond of this poem?"
"Ah … the original is to go to Haoran Zongna … the green ant will follow it. If Torre knows it, it is estimated that he will follow it." Upon hearing, it is to go to Haoran Zonglv Ant, which should come.
"Dad, I’d better be his post-service first, and I can still look after a mother at home."
Just a thought of Baiyun Tower and then said, "Little sister Luo Yu and Cai Wei will go with her brother when they get married. By the way, I will see a lot of Xia Guo’s wedding etiquette, which is to see the excitement."
"Well …"
A green ant should take out a few boxes from the treasure bag. It is said that Mother A made cakes by hand, which immediately made Xia Chaoyang happy to smile.
I ate a few cakes at random and went to the second floor to practice. I haven’t had time to run around these two days. Now the small tower has left the mirror lake to practice with peace of mind.
This time, I went to the Baiyun Building in Jinghu Cave to give the fierce Yang tactic to Ziyan, and I also got the Bing Xin tactic from Ziyan.
Now, both of them can practice two kinds of fairy tales and strong yang tactics at the same time, which can refine pure yang qi and transform it into strong yang qi.
Bing Xin’s tactic is to refine Xuan Yin Qi into cold Xuan Bing Qi.
At the same time, I didn’t think there was anything unusual in practicing two kinds of fairy tales and Baiyun Tower. Anyway, knowing the sea already had five elements of aura, plus fierce Yang qi and Xuan Bing qi. It was the five elements of spiritual fluid that condensed out a group of light like the scorching sun, and a group of Xuan Bing qi was condensed out of the memory of the sea.
Chapter five hundred and thirty The big day
After practicing the fierce Yang Xian tactic, the Ziyan Dantian changed.
The original liquid mass of practicing Bing Xin’s formula Ziyan Dantian changed into Xuan Bing’s true qi, and many finely divided Xuan Bing crystals were condensed in the Qi mass of Tsukiji dzogchen.