Some time ago, zombies in the corpse tide were almost all ordinary zombies.

This name is Tong Zombie, but it has no ability.
Only those mutant zombies can gain the ability, that is, those AS, m and e zombies named by Lin Ying.
These zombies are extremely powerful because of their ability to fight.
It is very difficult for ordinary awakened people to kill them.
It will be easier when someone with special means like Lin Ying kills those zombies.
But now that zombies have gained the ability to become mutant zombies, it is conceivable that everyone is under pressure.
Some people around you couldn’t help shivering and felt a sense of despair when they heard that zombies were all mutated zombies.
"Yang chief this how to do? Are mutant zombies, we may not stay up "a small captain is almost brought into tears to Yang Guobin asked.
Hear the squad leader Yang Guobin black face scold a way "how do you know but didn’t play? After the fight, I said that I couldn’t beat them. Now I ordered the body fire to kill them. "
People around you immediately pulled the trigger when they heard Yang Guobin’s words and launched an attack towards these zombies.
Chapter 100 I’m going to buy them a drink.
Yang Guobin ordered everyone to shoot at the zombie gun.
Is the crowd was horrified to find that these zombie skin thickening.
It used to be that a small caliber bullet could blow their heads off, but now it takes two or three shots at the same position in a row to penetrate them.
Of course, large caliber rifles and heavy machine guns have not been greatly affected.
Finding this situation, Yang Guobin made everyone change their weapons.
As a result, large caliber bullets become a little scarce.
"Boss, these corpses have become a little firmer. Do you think the knife can’t be cut?" Green assessment with two grenades in his hand some chat way
Lin Ying, with a sniper rifle in his hand, replied, "This will definitely happen. Didn’t you see that some pistols can’t penetrate their skin?"
Ordinary people will definitely be unable to cut with a knife.
So, we must destroy them in the distance, and we can’t fight them in close combat.
Even ordinary people can’t participate in melee, or they will die in vain. "
When Lin Ying and his wife discussed it, Yang Guobin ordered the shelling.
Twenty howitzers roared and poured shells at the zombie group.
Shells fell into the zombie group and flew a large number of zombies.
But surprisingly, there was an explosion center where the zombie was torn to pieces. He was all shaken off by the earthquake and lost his arm or thigh.
And that kind of bang was blown to a bloody fog?
But it’s comforting to know that those zombies who were lifted off were shattered and their heads turned into bodies.
A moment later, two hundred shells were fired.
Lin Ying roughly estimated that four or five thousand samples were found and killed.
This is not a packet worse than the previous field camp and Sanhe Town.
In the field camp and Sanhe Town, at the very least, a gun will kill more than ten or twenty zombies, and two hundred shells can kill 20,000 or 30,000 zombies
Zombie phalanx is disturbed by shells, and intelligent zombies don’t arrange formations, but let them rush over in disorder.
As a result, the lethality of artillery shells has been greatly reduced, and Yang Guobin has also stopped shelling and changed to free shooting
Zombies pull formation and charge outside the city. When more than ten zombies rushed to the trench, they accidentally stepped on the trench and broke their legs.
Then these zombies were trampled and trampled to death by zombies behind them.
But although these zombies were trampled to death, they did not turn into paste.
They were mutated after being contaminated by nuclear, and their physical strength was several times stronger than before, even if they were trampled to death, they tried to keep their bodies intact.
These trampled zombie bodies fell into the ditch and filled the ditch behind the zombies, paving the way.