Huang Jiaoma saw Li Yan’s puzzled eyes. He neighed and licked his belly. Although he was thin, his belly was bulging.

"It’s no wonder that it turned out to be pregnant. No matter whether it’s a monster beast or a brute beast, once pregnant, the qi and blood flow back into the fetus, and the strength is greatly reduced. But when did this Huang Jiaoma get pregnant? According to this situation, it seems that it has not been a day or two. Is it too Amen when the master found the monster beast to match it?"
Li Yan, who doesn’t understand this aspect, can infer when Huang Jiaoma is pregnant.
"Let’s get something to eat first." Let’s put his thoughts aside for the time being. Li Yanchong took out a lot of elixirs. These elixirs were picked at the time of the tomb and wanted to be left to Li Yaoshi’s alchemy. Now it seems that they can’t be left at that time.
Everything in a pile of elixirs has a thousand years of chocolate, a thousand years of gold ginseng, and so on. Everything is a treasure, which can make an ordinary person lay a solid foundation in a few days and become a spiritual monk.
However, no matter how good the medicinal materials are, even Xu Youyu can’t do it now.
Huang Jiaoma sniffed and then managed to chew a golden ginseng for a few bites, then swallowed it. As the medicine played its role, it gradually gained strength to eat a little bit.
"Let’s eat and make up for the loss of qi and blood." Li Yan said and immediately went out. He now wants to deal with these so-called Tanjiadi.
When those women saw Li Yan coming out with a gloomy face, they suddenly panicked and couldn’t help hiding back. Although they knew that they didn’t do this, they always hoped that it would bring them a little security.
""xianggong "what should these people do? It’s better to let them go. They are all women and children and it won’t affect anything, "Xu Youyu said.
Before Li Yan spoke, he saw those women kneeling in unison and saying this begging for mercy, but let him notice that Xu Youyu seemed to intercede with these people.
"Young fish, are you persuaded by them?"
Xu Youyu’s eyes flashed and he immediately knelt down. "Sorry, xianggong, it’s a young fish. Young fish shouldn’t plead. You can beat me and scold me. Don’t be angry with young fish."
Li Yan is a little difficult at this time. He really wants to put out these people’s departments, but Xu Youyu begged for love and took the initiative to kneel down. If he doesn’t promise, he will even create a gap in the future.
"Young fish, tell me what the reason is for pleading with them?"
Xu Youyu bowed his head and said, "I’m sorry," xianggong, "but one of them was my neighbor. I was kind enough to help me … so please let them go once."
"So that’s it." Li Yan frowned, but also found a woman with a child who kept her eyes on Xu Youyu.
After thinking for a while, he suddenly pointed his finger at those people, and little by little, the silent firm but gentle became inextricably linked into those people’s bodies.
Although the power of firm but gentle has been suppressed to the minimum, it still hurts slightly for ordinary monks.
"Read the young fish today and let you get out of here." Li Yan coldly shouted that his silence but firm but gentle hurt these people. I am afraid that I will become a monk in the New Star Territory all my life and will not pose any threat to myself at all.
When the women heard this, in case of Amnesty, they immediately fled with their children. A young woman turned around and looked at Xu Youyu gratefully, and then left in a hurry.
Xu Youyu smiled and breathed a sigh of relief, but soon a sense of guilt welled up in his heart that he had partnered with others to deal with his "xianggong"
As these people left the cave, it became quiet again. Li Yan didn’t speak. It was quiet. After half a ring, he sighed, "Get up, young fish. Don’t kneel down."
But Xu Youyu pressed her lips and dared not get up. She still bowed her head and made a mistake.
Li Yan didn’t really want to punish her. After all, it’s okay to be kind. It’s understandable that he went over and lifted him up, holding the delicate bar and raising Xu Youyu’s head.
"I won’t blame you for letting people go, silly girl," he said with a smile.
Xu Youyu was immediately moved and tears swirled in her eyes.
"Well, we have finished what we should do when we go back," Li Yan said, and then called Huang Jiaoma, who was full of food and drink, and came out in high spirits. Although she was still thin, she was more necessary than before. It seems that those elixirs are really effective and need to be fed more.
Xu Youyu was immediately attracted when he saw Huang Jiaoma coming out, and her eyes showed shock.
Because Huang Jiao’s horse is really like a dragon, it looks almost like a dragon, but it’s not as slender as a dragon.
"Xianggong, what kind of animal is this?"
"It’s nothing. It’s just a dragon horse. In my spare time, I got separated from this beast when I was a foot. I didn’t expect to be caught by this Tan family." Li Yan finished and took Xu Youyu and the dragon horse out of the cave and flew to the fishing boat
It took less than an hour at a time, but the Tan family had been removed from the crescent bay, and this matter became something that many fishermen talked about after dinner. He even talked about it a few years later
Chapter four hundred and forty-nine Mouth
Back to the fishing boat, Li Yan put Huang Jiao Ma in a cabin and threw a lot of elixirs next to it to make it up.
"I don’t know what Huang Jiao will give birth to a horse. If you breed with his monster beast, you will even give birth to some four elephants. It’s a pity that this Huang Jiao horse has blood."
""xianggong ""I’ll get the rice. "Xu Youyu looked at it for a while and then left her now. There is always a sense of guilt around Li Yan, which seems to be less intimate than thinking together.
Li Yan’s eyes moved slightly. "It seems necessary to talk to her because of that."
At lunch, Xu Youyu brought the cooked golden shark meat and sat next to Li Yan, who was clever. He filled his meal and added vegetables like a little wife. The table didn’t say a word, but Li Yan felt that the woman had a knot in her heart.
Want to prepare from Li Yan feel now mouth even to hurt the female heart can endure sighed.
In the evening, Xu Youyu still wore a thin coat and slept beside Li Yan as usual, without saying a word and turning his back on him.
"Well, don’t lose your temper. I’m not angry during the day. What are you angry about?" Li Yan was so angry that this girl really wanted to feel cold war with herself.
Xu Youyu was crying by this drink.
Li Yan’s face suddenly showed embarrassment. This is good. Things are even more troublesome. Sure enough, a girl’s heart is not something she can ponder.
"Well, don’t cry." But obviously this coax can’t coax Xu Youyu into crying. If this is heard by others, Li Yan is a heart breaker.
I don’t know how long it took Xu Youyu to stop crying. Her eyes turned red and she said, "Is Xianggong Young Fish going too far today? Xianggong will hate young fish."
Finally, Li Yansong breathed a sigh of relief. He laughed. "No, it’s all over. Don’t worry. I know you’re not angry with me. It must be because of things during the day. Well, stop crying and your face will be covered with tears. This will not be beautiful."
Xu Youyu nodded to dry his tears and then shrank into Li Yan’s arms.
When she gradually calmed down and immediately became restless, she suddenly sat up and looked at Li Yan with some hesitation.
"What happened to the young fish?" Li Yan asked with his eyes open
Xu Youyu’s face suddenly turned shy than her eyes sparkled. "That … xianggong, we seem to have no love today."
Li Yan one leng then ha ha a smile to hug and then turn over "it’s just that it’s already late and it’s not too late to be loving now", saying that this woman’s thin clothes and Chinese-style chest covering reveal a pair of white and charming bodies.
Although it’s not the first time to be honest with each other, she still looks very shy, but she feels that she is playing with her "xianggong" and being allowed to suck, but she can’t help but hum.
Li Yan is not in a good mood today and needs to vent. Soon, when she feels almost the same, she enters Xu Youyu’s delicate body.
Xu Youyu’s face is flushed with a quiver, and his eyes are staring at Li Yan, which seems to integrate the whole thing.
As this delicate body Li Yanshen trembled, the hum gradually turned into a long breath.
I don’t know if it is because of venting that Li Yan is not so passionate this time. The strength is getting bigger every time, which makes the roots of Xu Youyu, who has just tasted the rain for a few times, unable to bear it and soon collapse.
When Xu Youyu came to her senses, she still felt that the thing left in her body was hard. Although she wanted to wait on Xianggong again, the pain made her unable to continue.
Li Yan is also experienced. When I saw Xu Youyu secretly frowning, I knew that she had reached the limit and left her.
"Don’t be" xianggong ".The young fish can still stand it." Xu Youyu’s face flushed. She held the hot thing and sent it to her body.
Li Yan laughed. "No, you are tired. Have a rest."
"Young fish can still serve Xianggong if they are not tired," Xu Youyu pursed his lips and said, "Xianggong, don’t underestimate the young fish. I served Xianggong like this yesterday."
Li Yan’s language can’t say that he was passionate yesterday and rough today, can he?