Over the years, he has had several conflicts with Yue Hua Jian Xian.

Shenxiao Xianhui Yuehua Sword Immortal joined forces with outsiders to accuse him of being an alien and trying to kill him.
Even if you commit such a felony, the patriarch of the court will pass by in a few words.
The patriarch of the hospital said simply because he was obedient.
Say that finish this sentence yuehua sword fairy hurriedly ran to kneel down and prostrate on the ground respectfully.
Courtyard patriarch is very satisfied and gently caresses Yuehua Sword Fairy’s head like stroking a dog with black and blue wounds.
The patriarch of the hospital said, "You have great talent and great potential. Everything is more than Yuehua, but you are not obedient enough."
"No matter how high the talent is, no matter how great the potential is, what I don’t listen to me?"
Su Mo smiled and asked, "The younger brother recruited by the institute depends not only on talent and sex, but also on whether he is obedient?"
"Of course"
Courtyard patriarch responded "I let whoever dies die! If you don’t listen to me, you will bully your teacher and destroy your ancestors! "
Su Mo looked around and said, "There are more than a few people here today. Who else might as well show up and let me have a look?"
"Little beast, it’s time for you to pay for your life!"
At this moment, another sound is full of pitfalls, such as the striking of stones and stones.
Su Mo turned and looked.
See a tall man in black slowly stepping into the hall, with long and narrow eyes and a cold and murderous breath!
It’s another fairy king!
"Who are you?"
Sue ink eyebrow asked.
The patriarch of the courtyard said, "You once killed his heir in Leicheng."
Genzo, the king of the county?
King Jin arrives!
Chapter two thousand six hundred and ten driven
The appearance of the king of Jin surprised Su Mo.
"When did you know?"
Su Mo raised his eyebrows slightly.
He was careful enough. I didn’t expect the secret of violet’s true identity to be exposed long ago!
It’s not an illusion that the sense of crisis once flashed occasionally before, but it should be monitored by these fairy kings!
"When I came to Gankunyuan to plead guilty"
The King of Jin said coldly, "You burned Juelei City and killed my son Yuan Zuo. How could I spare you easily and let you live today if I didn’t learn about your violet blood?"
Su Mo frowned slightly and felt that there seemed to be something wrong with it.
The patriarch of the hospital once talked with him about this matter.
According to the meaning of the king of Jin, he came to singling out the patriarch of the court and told the secret of violet’s blood to appease the king of Jin temporarily.
But violet’s real secret should be known. The fewer people, the better.
The pressure on the kings of Sumo Chu Group is enormous, so I don’t think much for a while.
There is another old man pacing in the backyard of Gankun Palace, wearing the old robe of the Dean, and he is also a strong fairy king!
"The dean is old?"
Sue ink slightly squinting light asked
"It’s me"
The old man nodded slightly, his eyes were deep and his face flashed a meaningful smile.
When I heard this, Su Mo was still in my heart.
At that time, although he was soaring in Du Jie, he didn’t see Yun Youwang together in the prison tripod, but he heard the voice.
That sound is Dean Lao!
Dean is always in charge of all the magic weapons in the hospital. The handle that was fed to the town prison tripod at that time was thrown out by Dean!
Moreover, in the election of Xianzong, the person who let the painting immortal ink go to Panlong Mountain is the dean!
Everything seems to have an explanation and become logical.
But the whole thing seems to be shrouded in a fog.
"It’s really lively."
Laughing, another fairy king arrived and stepped into the temple of Gankun!
This fairy king has been seen at both the Shenxiao Fairy Club and the Jiuxiao Conference. It is the Qingyang Fairy King, the eldest brother of Shenxiao Emperor!
"So many people?"
Cloud king frowned.
Violet flesh and blood has one person. The more people there are, the less people will benefit.
Courtyard patriarch look calm seems to be not surprising for these people to come.
Wang Weiwei, a sunny fairy, looked at the Qingyang fairy king with a smile. "How did Qingyang Taoist friends learn about this violet blood?"
"Ha ha!"
The fairy king of Qingyang was quite proud and proudly said, "This magical world makes me think that no secret can hide from my eyes!"
"Shenxiao Xianhui Yuehua teamed up with Qinxian and others to entrap this, which can make the patriarch of the hospital personally inquire to prove this special."
"I saw the problem at that time, but I didn’t discover it."