Even when I heard that he was born in Jian Chen and the Jian Xiu eyes, there was no contempt.

Su Mo has a good impression on Jian Chen and others, and also gives birth to a little respect for Jian Jie.
Su Mo suddenly asked, "You just talked about martial arts. I know something about it. I wonder if you can take me to see the martial arts practitioner Jian Xiu?"
"Su Daoyou also heard of budo?"
Jian Chen was a little surprised.
Sue ink nodded with a smile.
The woman said, "Actually, this martial art is not the same thing. I heard from sister Bei Ming that her master founded martial art to enable all living beings in the world to practice and become immortals and dragons. This is an admirable mind and merit."
"However, the different levels of martial arts are not enough to see. After all, it is not a complete Tao and its achievements are limited."
Su Mo smiled without a word and didn’t argue.
"I’ll take you to see a northern ghost pool first. At this time, the northern ghost pool should practice near the sword pool."
Jian Chen jokingly said, "You have both heard of budo and come from different circles. Maybe you know each other."
Jian Chen is, of course, an expression. After all, there are hundreds of millions of interfaces in the world, such as the Ganges River, which is so coincidental that two soaring people can get to know each other.
They changed direction and walked to the other side.
Along the way, Jian Chen and the woman named’ Chuxuan’ also introduced some sword circles to Su Mo.
Su Mo will also tell about some local customs and clan forces in heaven.
Jian Jie and Tian Jie are too far away. Jian Chen and others have never been to Tian Jie, and they know a little about Tian Jie.
For many things, Jian Chen and others are the first to hear about it.
There are similarities and differences between heaven and sword in many aspects.
For example, there are two kinds of ordinary brothers and real brothers in the sword world.
All XuanYuanDiYuan Tianyuan sword repair are ordinary brothers.
Only after stepping into the real world and concisely making his debut can he be regarded as the true brother of the sword world. It is expected that he will go to Wan Jian Palace to practice the secret method of taking kendo more.
Yu Jianchen just washed the sword pool, which is actually a firm but gentle practice on the top of the sword peak to the extreme, forming a firm but gentle waterfall that falls straight down.
A huge sword pool is formed at the foot of Zhajian Peak.
The firm but gentle sword in the sword pool is the fiercest, and it contains the meaning of killing the peak of the sword, which can help the sword repair and temper their own swords.
Generally speaking, monks wear Excalibur with them, and after baptism in the sword pool, their power will rise a lot.
It wasn’t long before they arrived at Zhajian Peak.
From a distance, I can see the sword peak towering into the clouds, and the fog rises and falls from the top of the mountain. A huge waterfall exudes a boiling murder than violent shock wave!
These firm but gentle waves fell from the sky and fell to the ground, shaking the mind with a roar.
Jian Chen said, "Su Daoyou’s shock wave is too strong in front and his murder is extremely heavy. Why don’t we send someone here to call Sister Bei Ming?"
At this time, Su Mo felt the sword meaning emanating from the slaughter of Jianfeng and looked a little odd.
This kind of sword means that his three swords are very similar!
This kind of murder is the most familiar to him, but it is nothing at all.
"Why don’t you go and have a look?"
Su Mo smiled indifferently.
Sword Chen hesitated or nodded his head.
Chu Xuan said, "When the sword pool is actually washed, the monks usually wash and practice weapons, and the northern ghost pool will choose this side to practice martial arts."
"The shock wave violent murder here is too strong, and it is not good for the monks to do great harm to the body after absorbing it."
Sue ink secretly nodded.
He is really right about the wrong person.
Beimingxue is the most suitable person to cultivate and inherit martial arts!
Although she doesn’t have the opportunity to read a lot of multiplication methods like Wu Daozun, she can smelt several secret methods to understand and deduce the martial method.
However, she did not deviate from the martial road.
Wudaogen is the flesh.