"This is the case-"When two dog poured beans on the bamboo tube, he put the leather cannon into wang hong’s house at night, such as harassing wang hong’s dress, making a video, and then telling the whole story about ruining her name by broadcasting everywhere.

Wang hong petticoats don’t listen to well a listen to face changed way "leather cannon this old thing that sinister enough! Two dog, if you didn’t get the information, I would probably fall into perdition, let alone whether I can be a village head or not! " At some point she couldn’t help but have a palpitation.
"Pi Jian doesn’t seem to have come back yet, but just in case you quit your job as a village primary school teacher as soon as possible and move to the city during this time?"
After listening to two dog’s idea, wang hong Shang thought for a moment, "Well, I’ll concentrate on fighting with the leather cannon and I’ll hand in my resignation if it’s not suitable for the village teacher!"
"Daughter-in-law, I have helped you so much. Should I give you some reward?" At some point, Pi two dog’s old habit has been made again.
You!’ Wang hong wanted to send it, but think about it. It was Pi two dog who helped her a lot. This is equivalent to saving her life. On second thought, this peerless beauty blushed and said, "Then come and kiss. Oh, it can’t be different!"
Chapter 25 Leather cannon is dizzy
Pi two dog is still tempted by wang hong petticoats. As a result, this guy just threw him off and ran away before kissing two wang hong petticoats.
When he was bored, he saw cigarettes in a pajamas and looked at him. "Master, don’t you sleep?"
"Smoke you sleep first!" When he saw the smoke, he thought of the peach blossom incense poison on the peninsula. At that time, the two kissed for a long time and almost turned the smoke into a woman. Alas, that was a narrow squeak. Otherwise, it was a breach of promise to Sister Hongshang.
"Master, then I slept good night!" Ever since I had close contact with cigarettes, a pair of almond eyes are full of shyness and blush easily, just like a girl with a lingering longing for love.
It’s the wee hours of the morning. two dog’s brain is a little excited and sleepy. He’s going to take a shower. Suddenly, something came in on his mobile phone and found that it was Li Chunzhu. This guy’s eyes lit up and said, "Hello?"
"Master your hotel? What about my building? Do you want me to come and wait on you? " Li Chunzhu got 300 yuan from him for 100 Cynomorium songaricum pills, poured it into 1,000 yuan, and she earned 70,000 yuan a day. All the rich bosses traded with her. These bosses didn’t care about the price when they saw the efficacy. They found that Cynomorium songaricum pills were really good, and they called for goods. Li Chunzhu was overwhelmed with happiness like a New Year’s Day.
This gave her a feeling that she should stay close to Pi two dog and turn around Pi two dog. She might even make a lot of money if she didn’t run away.
"Yes, I haven’t taken a shower yet, so come!"
Two dog said that it’s really cool to have a maid. Really, I have to stretch my hand to open my mouth. Oh, my God! Haha!
At this time, the door rang and knocked. It seems that it is not Li Chunzhu but Tian Hui Li Xiang. This guy is embarrassed. "Li Xiang, don’t you accompany Lingyao?"
"Boss, I forgot that you didn’t take a shower to help you wash it. I’ll go again!" Tian Huili fragrance without consulting way
Before her voice fell, she listened to Li Chunzhu’s weak voice at the door. "Pear fragrance, why don’t you go back to your room and rest and I’ll wait on your master?"
"It’s my turn to wait on you today. Don’t rob me!" Said Tian Huili Xiang and went back to the room to help two dog take a change of clothes.
Li Chunzhu was afraid to speak loudly in front of Huilixiang Tian. She just looked defeated and said, "Master, let Lixiang wait on you and I will help you massage after washing!"
"Ok, Chunzhu, wait for me!"
This product is served in the bath, and it is naturally enjoyable to be served by an actress. It took more than half an hour to wash, and two dog returned to the bedroom with a look of relief. Li Chunzhu was lying on his bedside and almost fell asleep.
When she saw that the master had washed it, she sat up and said, "If the master has washed it, lie down and I will massage you!" " Then she sat down and tried to help him massage.
Pi two dog’s whole body is transparent, so Li Chunzhu can make more efforts. Li Chunzhu will learn to be a professional foot-washing girl and try to step on her back. As a result, this guy is excited. "Chunzhu did a good job and continue!"
This day early in the morning leather cannon riding a bottle handlebar Liu Yan from Zhang Ji about out.
Avoid people’s eyes and ears and make an appointment to meet after a private house in the suburbs of town.
Liu Yan, the second Wang Xingyan village, denied the accusation against Pi two dog on the spot, which made the Pi cannon lose points and lose face to win the game. As a result, Liu Yan turned to Pi Er dog skin cannon and in turn apologized to two dog.
The leather cannon is very annoyed, but considering that he is in love with Liu Yan, he is afraid that Liu Yan will get angry, and Liu Yan will tell Jiang Ying, a yellow-faced woman, or run to the town to make trouble. In that case, he has little chance of winning.
No matter how angry the cannon is, he will have to break his teeth and swallow it.
After a few days of calmness, the leather cannon recognized that he could control his emotions. Only this morning did he ask Liu Yan out to talk.
What about Liu Yan? Since she joined the Pi two dog team, she has been wondering how the Pi cannon will retaliate against her. The existing cow is backed by Pi two dog, and she is also a nanny of Zhang Ji’s family. She is not afraid of the revenge of the Pi cannon.
It’s really urgent that she still has a leather cannon to sleep in. She wants her to send the phase evidence to Jiang Ying or Zhang Ji to ensure that the leather cannon can’t eat it.
The leather cannon he wants is still a little brainy, and he dare not get fresh.
In the morning, there was a gust of cool wind blowing in the suburbs of the town, and Liu Yan swallowed a mouthful of saliva in a Qibi short skirt leather cannon and carefully asked, "Yan, I have always wanted to ask you something. The other day, you said that Pi two dog harassed you and asked you to testify. Why did you bite back?"
"Cannon, I was forced to choose to bite you. Are you hello?" Liu Yan knew that the leather cannon would ask her for questioning sooner or later, and she had already prepared the answer
"I’d better say this?" A crafty old scoundrel surprised way
"Cannon, there’s one thing I didn’t dare to tell you. Someone secretly installed a monitor on my farm. He recorded our secret conversation, like you helped me buy a car and you slept with me. These have already been recorded. If I don’t speak for Pi two dog, the first unlucky thing is you, cannon!" Liu Yan installed a comparison
Hearing this, the leather cannon almost didn’t fall down in fright and was shocked. "Is this the case?" Who ate the leopard and dared to steal my words? "
"I dare not say who it is. Anyway, he should be from Pi two dog!"
"I dare not say anything!" The leather cannon was so angry that it hurt. Everyone said, Oh, my God, it’s so deadly. Someone is saving it. If he doesn’t solve it quickly, he will be an obedient dog. He will have to do whatever the other party tells him.
Thought of here leather cannon black at the moment almost fainted.
"Cannon, I can’t say? If I say that, will that person retaliate? At that time, you can’t be a village head. No, no, no! " Liu Yan a face of koo way
"Do you pull a bar for such a big handle? Don’t you just grab me seven inches? Yan, look, I like you one after another. Can you tell me secretly? " Leather cannons are almost desperate.
"If I tell you, don’t tell me!"
"Well, I will never force you to keep a secret!"
"Yes, it is Pi Dapeng, the village leader of Yaoqian Group!" Liu Yanxin said that Pi Dapeng was the cousin of a leather cannon, and the two people were in echo each other, so I set up a seedling to make the two men suspicious of each other.
"What did you say Pip Dapeng my cousin? !” The mouth of the instant cannon opened wide, and the boss listened to Meng Bi at first sight.
"Cannon Pi Dapeng daughter-in-law Guang Jiao Jiao’s pharmacy was controlled by Pi two dog to make money. She must have the Pi two dog team and Pi Dapeng must have listened to his daughter-in-law what Pi Dapeng would secretly help Pi two dog. Why don’t you understand? Believe it or not, what I say is true! " When Liu Yan said this, she calmly lied without blushing.
Suddenly the leather cannon was a pair of original expressions, touching the dog’s head for a while, and then he nodded, "Don’t say it’s really possible? A dog day in Dapeng is really a baiwenhang! "
"This should be an excuse for Pi two dog to interrupt business and intimidate Guang Jiao Jiao to do so!"