"Saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda"

Emperor Papman said, "Even if you don’t say anything, I will save him."
"Thank you for your predecessors!"
Wu Daozun’s heart is full of joy and thanks again.
Emperor Papman said with a smile, "What’s more, this young man has a deep understanding of the Magic Scripture, and the magic spirit has penetrated into the bone marrow."
"I gave him the Buddhist scriptures, which is also a bearing for myself."
Pause a little. Emperor Papman looked at Wudao Zun and said, "Although you also practiced the Magic Scripture, this achievement method is not as good as this person."
Papman Dijun’s eyesight is really horribly high!
The cultivation of Wudao Zun is a martial art, a fairy, a Buddha, and different magic methods.
But even so, Emperor Papman can see that Wu Daozun practiced the Magic Scripture and that Wu Daozun didn’t practice it deeply.
That’s exactly what happened.
Wu Daozun’s practice of "Magic Scripture" is just a taste, just to control the mask of Moro.
He mainly integrated the Daoism in the Magic Scripture into the martial arts oven to promote his own Daoism.
"Is he unconscious and doesn’t know if his predecessors can wake him up and practice the Buddhist Sutra?" Wudaozun asked again
"Don’t wait for him to wake up."
Emperor Papman smiled faintly. "I can teach the Buddhist Sutra directly by using a secret method of initiation!"
The secret method of initiation!
Wu Daozun shines at the moment.
Over the years, he has browsed several secret laws and heard of the secret law of initiation.
This secret method is equal to a kind of skill, which not only grants the skill, but also grants one’s own feelings about the skill to another person.
The only thing that has been enlightened is the theory of enlightenment.
The secret method of initiation requires the caster to cultivate the realm, which will cause great damage to the caster.
Almost no one will teach in this way.
I didn’t expect Papman Emperor to use the secret method to save Yan Beichen now!
"The great kindness of my predecessors is in my heart."
Wudao Zun moved in his heart
The Emperor of Papman smiled slightly. "You wear a Moro mask and can withstand the six desires in the knife. All your talents belong to the ride, but if you want to find someone to inherit my mantle, I prefer him."
Papman Emperor has regarded Yan Beichen as others!
Sirius once said that although the former emperor of Papman was in charge of the whole demon domain, there was no brother in the war.
I didn’t expect that Yan Beichen, who was dying in A-bi Hell, was chosen by Papman Emperor!
This is a chance for Yan Beichen!
Emperor Papman gently waved a gentle force to hold Yan Beichen’s body and slowly came to his front.