In order to wake Yue Lingshan up, Yan Heping pointed out that medical skills were constantly discussed during this period
Chen Yan didn’t hide anything from himself, and he took out all his experiences in spiritual practice. Ping Yizhi admired Chen Yan’s surgical skills, especially his accomplishments in surgery.
Chen Yan knows the human body better than Ping Yizhi.
"Unbelievable" Ping Yizhi’s eyes were filled with excitement. "It’s incredible. Isn’t spiritual practice the’ God’ in medical skills? What exactly is the spirit? I have never been white, but now I seem to be white. "
Ping Yizhi specializes in medicine, and now he has a new research direction. Naturally, he is very excited. He vaguely feels that he will master the true meaning of spiritual practice, which will definitely bring his medical skills to a new level.
Chen Yan said, "I have read so many classics of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and I have got such a little spiritual practice experience that it is great to help Dr. Ping, but I have learned a lot from Dr. Ping during this period."
Ping Yizhi is best at treating injuries and dispensing medicines.
In particular, Ping Yizhi, a medicated diet, has reached the pinnacle, and Chen Yan has learned all these essences.
Improve food through medicated diet
Chen Yanke will raise his physical quality to a higher level.
On this day, Chen Yanzheng was sorting out the ingredients to prepare the medicated diet.
The decoct medicated diet not only has high nutritional value, but also can enhance that potential of the body and make people feel happy, which is very helpful for spiritual cultivation.
Not only did Chen Yan eat Qu Fei Yan, Ning Zhongze, Liu Qin and Ping Yizhi, they all ate it for a while, and their physical fitness improved a lot.
"Master, Master"
Qu Feiyan rushed into the dining room happily. "I finally became a first-class fighter."
Gave QuFei smoke a surprisedly look. Her temperament and spirit are not the same as before. She is full of heroic spirit.
"Oh?" Chen Yanxiao said, "You became a first-class fighter so soon? Congratulations on playing a set of swordsmanship for the teacher to see. "
QuFei smoke a serious fuels.
Qiang Qiang!
Qu Fei smoke drew a sword and the sword rang out in the dining room.
Chen Yan’s eyes are bright, and his swordsmanship is not the same as before. He is a first-class swordsman.
The basic swordsmanship is performed by Qu Feiyan, and she can control the sword like an arm.
Sun Yan nods, "It’s nice and interesting. You are really a first-class swordsman now, but the state is unstable and needs to be consolidated."
Qu Feiyan said, "It was Master who sent many classics to Shaolin Temple and Wudang Mountain."
Chen Yan asked, "Oh, have they all been sent? Did they say anything about a public apology? "
Qu Feiyan shook his head. "No Shaolin and Wudang people sent the classics and left directly without saying anything about him."
Sun Yan waved his hand and said to Qu Fei-yan, "Okay, I know you should go out first. When the teacher cooks the medicated diet, people will ask you to eat."
Qu Feiyan said, "Then I’ll go first."
Yan Yan’s eyes flashed a trace of displeasure. Shaolin Temple and Wudang didn’t even want to say an apology.
"Shaolin Wudang, since you don’t want to apologize publicly, you can fight," replied Chen Yan. "I hope that when you go to Shaolin Temple and Wudang Mountain again, you won’t regret it."
Man’s desire is very terrible, and the devil will come out and harm his body and mind if he is not careful.
It is reasonable to say that Chen Yan’s martial arts and swordsmanship have already arrived, but he still denies himself and cultivates himself.
Chen Yan didn’t learn the word "Jie" in the Buddhist scriptures.
Give up all bad thoughts and habits, and you will naturally have a certain concentration, and you will produce quantitative wisdom.
This is the "abstinence from wisdom" in the three studies of Mahayana Buddhism.
But it is very difficult to really "quit"
Chen Yan has been very patient with Shaolin and Wudang, but Fang Zheng and Chong Xu don’t even want to say an apology.
It’s really tolerable. Since it’s tolerable, it’s necessary to endure it again. Yan Yan decided to attack Wudang and Shaolin.
Chapter 9 Take them as concubines
Chinese people are different from westerners. Chinese people pay more attention to real benefits. Sometimes the problems are bigger than those in Wudang Mountain and Shaolin Temple. What is the injustice to apologize to Chen Yan?
It’s just an apology, and it won’t harm any interests. It’s just a matter of face.
A public apology will have no face and dignity.
Yue Buqun felt very faceless now.
Ningzhong went to find Yue Lingshan and Lin Pingke, which made Yue Buqun very angry.
Lin Ping and Huashan Sect are not United. If he disappears or is killed, that’s a good thing.
But Ning Zhongze and Yue Lingshan Yue Buqun think that no matter what, they can’t let go of the right path in the Jianghu, just like seeing him? How can he run the Wuyue Sect?
After probing into Yue Buqun, I finally know that Ning Zhongze and Yue Lingshan have been "hijacked" by the magic teaching doing to Blackwood Cliff.
A man can’t bear to have his wife and daughter taken away. Although Yue Buqun is no longer a real man, he still feels wronged and humiliated.
"Chen Yan is really cruel."
At the moment, Yue Buqun’s determination to kill Ulrich is stronger than ever.
Yue doesn’t want to be the "first day". He got rid of Chen Yan, but he still knows that he is no match for Chen Yan.
If you want to snatch Ning Zhongze and Yue Lingshan back, you need help.
Yue Buqun Jianghu released a message saying that Chen Yan’s robbing his wife and daughter is the most despicable and insidious villain. Chen Yan is more rampant than Dong Fangbubai and our bank, and he is the public enemy of the whole Jianghu.
Ning Zhongze and Yue Lingshan were "taken away" by Alex, which made Yue Buqun feel very faceless. Some people even think that Ning Nvxia and Yue Lingshan have been occupied by Alex.
However, it is undeniable that Yue Buqun has reached a moral high point, and it is justified to attack and accuse Chen Yan of calling on the whole Jianghu to eliminate the magic religion.
At that time, if Yue Buqun couldn’t endure his wife’s "losing her virginity" and expelled her from Huashan School, Yue Buqun could not only eradicate the enemy and unify the Wulin, but also keep his only dignity.
Yue Buqun ordered the Five Mountains to send experts to prepare to attack the magic religion.