Later, Dinghammer seems to have become calm, and many experts and special people from an imperial city were welcomed here. After the construction of the Corps, Dinghammer supervised all kinds of training, and he once claimed to be a god spear, but he also reserved all his knowledge to Dinghammer.

Samuel’s evaluation of the hammer is that he is crazy, like a sponge, sucking things in his head. Although he can’t make some things yet, he doesn’t understand the theoretical knowledge and won’t let Samuel sleep
"How’s the investigation going?" He wiped his sweat and asked Miao after a late hammer training a week later. "Didn’t you say it would be quick?"
"There is a little information, but I don’t think you should go back to the college for a while, and you can also bring back the new achievements of the institute to exchange money." Miao smiled awkwardly. "I’ll keep an eye on this."
Ding hammer thought for a moment, "Well, then it’s such a happy decision."
After that, he picked up the walkie-talkie from the ground. "Mo Hui, Butterfly, Ge and Bao Tian will accompany me back and call ham sausage by the way."
Chapter 6 Spring breeze stroke home group
A trip to a distant place and a hammer vowed to restore the delivery machine in the shortest time, or it would be a bit hld to do this once a month.
Ji spent two days in a stuffy carriage, but this time the hammer treatment was much higher. The whole carriage was because of him, because there were fewer people in this car.
"Mom, it’s impossible for a mayor to let the old man ride around the world in a green leather car." The hammer stretched his legs and threw out two pieces of king’s "big bomb to the old man’s knees."
"Fuck!" Mo Hui threw the card in his hand. "I told you I dialed the wrong number just now."
"Don’t talk nonsense to give money. It’s a death if you make a mistake." Ding Hammer reached out and asked Mo Hui for money. "You lost 100 yuan for a game of 150 yuan, and you said nothing."
"Come again, come again, give it to me when it’s full."
"Why don’t you fucking say full three hundred thousand to me? You are a poor technical addict and a big garbage. Give me the money!
Mo Hui couldn’t twist it, but Lai was very unwilling to take out a hundred pieces from his pocket and hand them to Ding Hammer. After receiving the money, Ding Hammer lit a cigarette and looked out of the window at the Great Plains. "Is it clear to go back this time?"
"Know" MoHui nodded and shuffled his hands constantly. "The first is to investigate who the saboteur is, and the second is to find a way to get the military involved."
"There is a third?" Fixed hammer raised his eyes "not let you think three directions? What the fuck are you giving us? "
"There is no third place at all. Can I still suppress it?" Mo Hui was very angry and rushed to the hammer and shouted, "Don’t go looking for trouble."
"Fuck how do you talk to the mayor? Kneel down for the old man. "The hammer pointed at Mo Hui." Believe it or not, I dug a hole and buried you? "
"Stupid" Mo Hui scolded one and then pried a can of canned food with his head down and ate it slowly. "If you have to add a third point, I recommend you to win over the director of the college. If he has a good impression of you, we can win three SSS-level support from the college, and then our college branch is outside the independent military department, government and arbitration office. You can make the water a little muddy."
"This can be" Ding Hammer nodded. "What does the old man like?"
"I don’t know that he rarely communicates with people. After studying in my college for so many years, I saw him say a few words, and his generation has been studying children without wives, and don’t call him an old man. He is only a little over fifty and is my father’s classmate."
As soon as the hammer heard his eyes turn, he shouted "ham sausage!"
Another table with butterfly chess and ham turned away "why are you stupid?"
"Mom, do you dare to cancel the old suffix?"
"What a fool!" Sausage turned his head. "Don’t shout that I’m tired of watching you."
"Oh my god, didn’t I scold you yesterday? In the same way, you broke four engines, and two of them said you weren’t happy, were you? " Fixed hammer rolled up sleeves "come here."
"Don’t leave me alone." The ham looked back at the hammer, and the green in its eyes looked terrible.
"Mama …" The hammer shrank its neck. "What’s wrong with it?"
"I don’t know if you can solve it yourself." MoHui got up and stretched a neck and looked out of the window. "It’s almost time to prepare."
Fixed hammer put his head against the glass and looked at it twice. He found that the distant city was in the dusk and it looked like a big cemetery.
"When I was inside, I didn’t feel that this place was not waiting for people when I came out and came back." Ding Hammer sighed and shook his head gently. "Package?"
"bag!" The bag poked its head out of the luggage rack. "Where is it?"
"When you arrive, you will act together with Mohui to protect him."
Bao is reluctant, but the hammer-fixing order is a big deal for her, and she can pout and nod.
"Get up for the old man"
Xiao Pangge slept with saliva all over his face. "Who should you go to the military with Butterfly to find? How can you say no to my nonsense?"
"Oh, I know." Ge wiped a handful of saliva. "Find someone named Chun Chun and say Zuo Yan Mu is popular, right? Then let the butterfly help me play his image together, right?"
"Yes," Dinghammer nodded. "Sausage, you come with me to the presidential palace."
"Sausage? Mom, if you don’t talk to me, I’ll cut your hair. Anyway, it’s summer, and all the animals should change their summer clothes. "
"Fuck … you are cruel." The ham sausage suddenly turned its head. "No!"
Fixed hammer ha ha a smile "that’s such a happy decision"
After the car, the hammer-fixing team split up in a split second. The team went to different places to hammer directly to the presidential palace, Mo Hui went straight to a bar, and Geze went to the military department.
Three teams arrived first. After arriving, he first showed his ID card, and then the sentry accompanied him to the back door of the presidential palace.
Ding hammer looked around for two eyes, then took out the key from the presidential envoy, knocked on the door very smoothly and walked down the dark aisle.
The tunnel is deep, the hammer root can’t see the road, but it can be felt that it extends all the way to the ground. There is a very strong magnetic field around it, and even edman metal can be restrained, probably to prevent the super warrior from coming to the assassination place. This should be the place where the president usually works and lives, and the head should be a rainbow.
Fixed hammer has been walking silently for twenty minutes, and even felt the ham tremble because of the darkness.
"Mama, a cat, you are afraid of the dark." The hammer laughed at the ham, and it was very strange and horrible to keep spinning back and forth in the tunnel.
This ham sausage shrank all over, got into the hammer suit and leaned out of his neckline to say, "Don’t talk!" "
"Ha, ha, ha." That’s called gloating. "You’re scared sometimes."
"Shut up, shut up, shut up!" The ham sausage looked up and asserted that the hammer bar made him cry at once.
And this voice went to … induction lamp in the tunnel … lit up.
"Mom, are we idiots?" The hammer looks bright as if the daytime light wiped his face. "This IQ … what bicycle is needed!"
With the bright light, the hammer is not afraid. He walked slowly humming a tune and walked for about five minutes. Suddenly, a heavy metal door appeared on his head. After studying it for a long time, the hammer went to the door and could not see why. "What is this?"
"I don’t know," the ham blinked. "Didn’t you say you should come? What is this door for? "
Just when I was at my wit’s end, the number suddenly jumped in a small box of the door, and then I heard a mechanical writhing sound behind my hammer. Looking back, I scared the urine on the spot …
The wall stretched out four automatic sentry machine guns, which directly topped the forehead and combined with the door. The hammer was fixed for ninety seconds, and the chrysanthemum suddenly came out with a tight head and sweat.
At this time, a password slot appeared on the right hand side of the door, and then the hammer was dumbfounded. "Get ready to run …"
The ham sausage stopped the hammer. "Don’t go this way. I’ll give you an exam question. He wants to test whether you are Lampasi or not. If you back off, shoot at once."
"But I’m not fucking old. Isn’t this a joke?"
"I am!"
Ham sausage eyes narrowed and said quickly, "The door password should be sixteen bits, and the dynamic password will be different according to each input. Unless you have a synchronizer, you can’t decipher it. The only way is to quickly destroy its password mechanism. This mechanism should …"
Before he finished speaking, the hammer shouted "I can’t come!"
After that, I don’t care about the hammer. I turned around and grabbed the password input card slot, and then he pulled the whole dial with a jerk. Then he put his hand in. That’s called a stir, and when I saw the line, I pulled the shaft. Anyway, it was pure destruction, with little technical content and no pure violence
But how to dismantle it with the hammer never stopped reading, and there were only the last ten seconds left. After looking at that number, the hammer snorted, "I don’t believe it when I’m old!"