Wang Yue spat out a breath and qi, blood and qi broke out at the same time.

Seeing Wang Yue’s body form armor before the gods, the face of those law enforcers watching the war changed?
Can the true qi form armor? What kind of martial arts is this?
Luoxian eyes change andao "first god Gang this is family boxing? It’s amazing. "
Wang Yue draws a sword, and the sword flashes with great power and collides with the black iron bar.
This time, it was a powerful shock wave that blew a layer of ice and snow on the ground.
Niu Ben facial expression, a Wang Yue and his strength, and this time did not retreat Wang Yuezhen.
Wang Yue fought back the shock in his body, but he just didn’t step back.
Since Niu Ben is the king of strength, Wang Yue will defeat him with strength.
"Come again"
Wang Yue roared
Boom boom …
Wang Yue’s double sword is faster than the sword and stronger than the sword.
Wang Yue has always recognized that his own strength is the most powerful among the practitioners of Heaven, but he did not expect to underestimate that there are monsters like Niu Ben among the practitioners of Heaven and Heaven.
Niu Ben is practicing the true qi, but his strength is still Wang Yue, which is really incomprehensible.
Niu Ben’s black iron bar was heavily sunk and collided with Wang Yue’s sword, but it did not retreat.
Niu Ben’s black iron bar lacks speed, but Wang Yue is bent on beating Niu Ben with his own speed advantage.
Wang Yue was surprised that Niu Ben, the monster Machamp, was powerful, but Niu Ben tasted that Wang Yue was powerful.
Niu Ben, an opponent like Wang Yue, met for the first time.
"How is it possible that Wang Yue, a small man, can compete with me? How can he have such a powerful force?" Niu Ben was depressed.
Watching the fighters around were dumbfounded. Looking at Niu Ben and Wang Yue fighting, the two men were like the wild beasts, and their speed and posture were all better than their strength.
Luo Xian was shocked. "Wang Yue wants strength to win Niu Ben!"
Luo Xian has always believed that she knows Wang Yue very well, and he practices every kind of martial arts, but now she knows that she doesn’t know Wang Yue at all.
Wang Yueshen has too many secrets.
Niu Ben roared, "King Kong destroys the devil and wishes to die!"
Niu Ben’s eyes suddenly rose with golden light and black iron bars.
Wang Yue felt that the black iron bar had suddenly become a golden cudgel of Sun Wu Ruyi, and it was pressing on him like a mighty force.
King Kong should be the strongest move in Niu Ben.
"Hum, do you think I can’t resist?" Wang Yue emerged with a blood-red flame "burning blood!"
Wang Yue’s strength also surged.
Wang Yue resisted this Niu Ben trick.
"Niu Ben, do you have anything else to do?" Wang Yue laughed with blood on his mouth.
Niu Ben this recruit king kong to destroy the magic is really bad to Wang Yuezhen vomiting blood.
Niu Ben’s eyes changed, and it was impossible for him to win Wang Yue’s strongest move.
"Niu Ben, if you don’t attack, I will attack."
Wang Yuehua rushed at Niu Ben with a ghosting image.
Confronting Niu Ben again, Wang Yue feels that Niu Ben’s strength has dropped a lot. "Niu Ben, your strength has weakened. It seems that your true spirit has consumed a lot and you have no chance to win."
Niu Ben’s strength is strong, but it also has weaknesses, that is, it cannot last.
However, Wang Yuejia’s Qi and blood energy can be protracted.
Niu Ben’s martial arts is like Cheng Yaojin’s three axes. If you haven’t killed the enemy, you will be in danger.
Niu Ben’s strength is getting weaker and weaker and has been completely suppressed by Wang Yue.
Niu Ben Avenue "Damn it, Wang Yue, this small force has not weakened at all?"
Losing to a newcomer, Niu Ben felt his face was very ugly.