Just wait for Su Mo to rush back and forth, and then he will burst into the strength of the Golden State and kill the town in one fell swoop!

Liang Bo sighed in his heart and shook his head. "It’s still too young after all …"
This sigh did not fall on the battlefield, but it came with a chuckle.
"Ha ha when people … it’s you."
This is Su Moxiao.
At first, it was still on the battlefield, but when the voice fell, Su Mo had already left the place and rushed to the distance.
The palm of the golden robe elder thumped to the ground, leaving a clear handprint.
I left it!
This change once again made many monks stand on the spot.
Su Mo Gherardini looked at the old man in the golden robe in the distance and mocked his eyes.
This moment the golden robe elder has aged a lot.
A huge crack has emerged behind him, like the jaws of hell’s evil spirits devouring the bones!
Thinking a little about Liang Bo suddenly realized.
His golden robe elder sells a flaw, Su Modang.
But the truth is that Su Mo also saw that the old man in the golden robe was intent on luring the latter to burst into the power of then, but he had already fled away.
This is a psychological game in which you can’t see the sword and shadow.
One wrong move will lose the game!
The two sides calculated each other and played several games with each other. Finally, Sumo won the game and lured the printer!
Chapter four hundred and twenty Escape
Liang Bo has a complicated look.
Although the old man in golden robe didn’t die directly in Su Mo’s hands, it was because he was swallowed up by cracks that he disappeared.
It is amazing that the seal signer failed to slay a monk named Tsukiji at the cost of his life.
Actually this world war I Su Mo also risked great danger!
Once the seal broke out, he was no match.
In the second-order Lingdan Cave House, he tried his best to resist the skinny old man, but he was still hit hard.
Su Mo’s current state is absolutely unable to withstand the impact of then environmental forces again.
So he didn’t know that the old man in the golden robe was fighting with each other today, and finally he realized that the old man in the golden robe was going to be trapped and killed before he was aware of the murder!
Su Mo’s physical strength has been left, but for his strong self-healing power, he would have been unable to stay up.
Su Mo finally breathed a sigh of relief after trapping and killing the seals.
After a pause, Su Mo’s eyes flashed a touch of cold light and he came to the hall of an alchemist and asked in a low voice, "Has anyone seen Pei Chunyu?"
"Fled to the entrance of the valley."
A monk pointed to one.
Pei Chunyu’s immortality is an uncertain disaster for Su Mo after all!
Tang Yu looked nervous and hurriedly persuaded him, "Su Daoyou, you are so weak now, don’t take risks. Besides, you may not be able to chase now."
Su Mo shook his head without explaining his body flashing and rushed straight to the misty valley.
Sue ink figure has disappeared in front of everyone.
Xiao Ning still accepts the promise.
Many monks in Danyang Gate talked about the excitement of World War I just now.
Although the printer has entered the twilight and has a chance to shoot, he is a real person after all!
This is a real fight by Godsworn Tsukiji then!
This talk is enough to make Danyang people boast for many years after returning to Zongmen.
It wasn’t long before Brother Qianhemen returned from the depths of the ruins, and everyone’s eyes were filled with a little joy.
"Sister Manman, congratulations."
Tang Yu smiled and said, "It seems that Qianhemen Dan Chi Zongzhong has also gained a lot."
"Well, I got a few secret methods that have lost their symbols."
Maple Mann Mann she chuckled.
At this time, some monks came not far away to talk about it.
"What’s wrong with this Sumo?"
"Yes, I saw with my own eyes that the demon was killed by him like an ant."
"What the hell is the magic? It’s all for nothing."
I heard that many Danyang doors were stunned.
Tang Yu frowned and turned to Feng Manman and asked, "What’s the matter with Dungeon Sect and Su Daoyou?"
"You don’t know?"
Fengmanman’s face was surprised.
Tang Yu, everyone kept Xiao Ning’s side and didn’t know what had happened in the second-order magic abode of fairies and immortals.
Feng Manman explained, "There is a perfect vein in a cave deep in the ruins. Dan was born, and Su Mo grabbed Xue Yang and killed him on the spot!"
There was an exclamation in the crowd.
Maple Mann Mann continued, "Later, the demon taught the seal maker to be carried by him! The underworld sect was wiped out. "