Yang Tingting trembled with anger when he heard Ding Saner’s words. "How dare you?"

Yang Tingting’s words haven’t finished yet, and Zhang Pang pulls the shelves inside and outside.
After the shelves were pulled away, Yang Tingting was so scared that he couldn’t help but retreat back.
Zhang Pang saw that Yang Tingting laughed and walked inside.
"Ha-ha, beauty, you two men can’t stay up. Come with me and I will love you."
Zhang Pang stepped into the supermarket and suddenly stopped, and the whole person immediately stood still.
The man behind pushed, "Why are you fat? Get in."
Zhang pang didn’t answer and still stood still.
The man behind pushed a piece of fat again but collapsed.
Chapter 21 You choose wisely
Zhang pang fell to the ground and then the whole ground was instantly dyed red with blood pouring out of his body.
His body twitched a few times, and then he died as soon as his leg pedaled and grunted.
Zhang pang is dead
Die very strangely.
One second he was talking, but the next he was killed directly.
Yang Tingting saw that Zhang Pang was also stunned. She didn’t see clearly what happened in front of Zhang Pang.
Ding Saner and others came to shout so badly that when he saw Zhang Pang, the whole person was scared and bloody and sweaty.
He suddenly thought of what Lin Ying said before he left.
"If they dare to run into the supermarket, kill them."
At that time, others didn’t trust Lin Ying with this sentence, so they could never do anything to them with Yang Tingting, a woman.
But now it seems that Lin Ying was prepared when she said that sentence, and left a cause for success.
And the successful Ding Saner they can’t see.
Everyone took a step back in fear and forcefully retreated outside the supermarket.
Cao Ge and Xiao Lu have some doubts when they see everyone fall back.
Xiao Lukou asked Ding Saner, "Why don’t you run away again? Why are you retreating? "
Ding Saner wiped his forehead with a cold sweat. "Zhang Pang is dead. As soon as he stepped into the supermarket, he died. The man’s speech came true."
"What did he say?" Cao Ge heard the dead and asked
Ding Saner was worried. "He said he would kill us if he stepped into the supermarket."
Cao Ge one leng remembered Lin Ying saying this sentence and felt very incredible.
Cao Ge took Ding Saner and asked, "How did Zhang Pang die? Who killed it? Is it that woman? "
Ding Saner got rid of Cao Ge’s awkward arm and said, "We don’t know how he died when we saw each other too fast."
Cao Ge paused and let Ding Saner say, "Now you know the lesson, hurry over and apologize to the beautiful woman, and then roll as far as you can."
Previously, I was too arrogant to drag Ding Saner, a friend, to be an honest man by Cao Ge’s spray.
Ding Saner listened to Cao Ge’s words and honestly, the outside of the supermarket faces the inside avenue. "Beauty, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have thought of the supermarket, let alone offended you. Please forgive us."
Yang Tingting is still stupid. She doesn’t know who killed Zhang Pang’s murderer. It’s like anger, giving her a very mysterious sample.
Yang Tingting muster up courage to go to the door of the supermarket and turn Zhang Pang over to check his injury.
When she saw the wound, her eyes froze and she was a little surprised. "This is this, this is a cat scratch, but the cat is too strong to scratch off half of the whole person."
At this moment, Yang Tingting saw the small white and the Great Sage lying on the roof at the door.
The two of them are licking their hair without looking at everyone.
Yang Tingting was very surprised. Although she knew Xiaobai and the Great Sage were very powerful, she had also seen them kill zombies once or twice.
And have never seen them kill people.
She didn’t expect that the fighting capacity of the two cats had reached such a level.
When Lin Ying zombie came, he ordered Wangcai to follow him, while Xiaobai and zombie cat were arranged by him near the off-road vehicle.
Because Lin Ying guessed at that time that these people would never be honest.
So he kept two cats and gave these people some warnings.
Otherwise, these people actually took advantage of Lin Ying not to do nasty things.
When Zhang Pang, a zombie cat, stepped into the supermarket, he instantly launched his ability and then grabbed his throat and let him die in front of everyone.
This is to fulfill what Lin Ying said and to give them a warning.
Zombie cat this skill directly intimidated Ding Saner they this group of people also Lin Ying saved the supermarket and saved Yang Tingting.
After all, these people want to take Yang Tingting away.
Yang Tingting saw the little white and the zombie cat and immediately felt confident.
So she ran to the door of the supermarket and quickly ran back to the supermarket with a shelf that had been flying before.
Then she blocked the door on the shelf again
Ding Saner and a group of people can watch Yang Tingting watch her gamble on the door, but they are indifferent.
Just then Ding Saner apologized and ran towards the toilet.
Then I saw him quickly turn over the toilet and then jumped out of sight.
"I’ve run away, so let’s run away." Suddenly someone shouted.
All of a sudden, everyone ran to the toilet and turned over.